DW Watch

For as long as I’ve been on Instagram I remember seeing posts about this really elegant, simple and aesthetically pleasing watch. It is the ultimate accessory to make you look put together and professional, plus its very stylish so extra points for that!

Daniel Wellington is probably one of the biggest brands on Instagram and I’m here to show you how pretty is the watch they let me pick! There is nothing quite like their watches and I’m sure we all have seen it around social media. Well let me tell you it’s totally worth the hype, I personally really love watches and I think I developed my love for them through my dad (he is a big watch collector). I learned from him that the best watches to own are the ones that are timeless, elegant and simple (and it’s very true, I bet if you buy a trendy watch you won’t use it two years from now and it was not worth spending all that money). I believe Daniel Wellington watches are truly one of a kind and they would make a great gift, their minimalistic style will definitely suit everyone!